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Classic Klondike + Cash GamesPlay the world’s #1 card game for fun…and train your brain at the same time! Millions of people play this style of solitaire, and we’ve done our best to create a super-fun, user-friendly version. Our classic Klondike solitaire app features:

– simple gameplay that doesn’t require customization
– dark background that’s easy on the eyes
– unlimited undos
– unlimited draw pile cycles than don’t negatively affect your score
– double-tap aces to foundation
– games that auto-complete once all cards are arranged in tableau

Once you’ve mastered solo play, you can take your game to the next level and compete against other solitaire players for cash prizes (where available). Test your eSports skills in head-to-head games and multiplayer tournaments where the winners take home real money.

Whether you’re a new eSports player or a seasoned veteran, a wide range of entry fees make cash games accessible to every level of competitive gameplay.

In case you’re unfamiliar with how Solitaire works, here’s a quick guide:

There are three areas on the game screen:
1) The Draw Pile: Located in the top left section of the screen. Tapping the Draw Pile gives you new cards to place in…
2) The Tableau: Seven columns of cards in the center of the screen. This is the intermediate location for cards as you arrange them for final placement in…
3) The Foundation: Four spots in the top right of the screen. This is the ultimate destination for all the cards in both the Draw Pile and the Tableau.

Card values (from least to greatest) in Solitaire are:

The game starts with seven cards face-up in the Tableau. Cards in the Tableau may only be played on top of a higher card of the opposite color (the suit doesn’t matter). For example, a black 6 may only be played on top of a red seven, and a red queen may only be played on top of a black king. You can cause a new face-down card to flip over in the Tableau if you successfully move the face-up card sitting directly on top of it. Important note: Empty spots in the Tableau may only be filled by a King.

If you have no more face-up cards in the Tableau that can be played on higher-value, opposite colored cards, you can tap on the Draw Pile, which will expose new face-up cards that can be played (tapping repeatedly will cycle through the Draw Pile and give you more face-up cards to choose from.

Aces should always be moved immediately (by double-tapping) up to the Foundation from both the Draw Pile and the Tableau, since they are the first “layer” of cards necessary to be able to move subsequent cards into their final positions. In the Foundation, cards must be arranged lowest to highest in their own suits. For example, after moving the Ace of Spades into the Foundation, you may play the 2 of Spades on top of it, and then the 3 of Spades, etc.

The ultimate goal is to arrange all 52 cards (from the Draw Pile and the Tableau) in the Foundation – from aces up through kings – in each of the four suits (Hearts, Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds).

Some helpful tips for new Solitaire players:

1) You can play directly from Draw to Foundation.
2) As you build columns of face-up cards in the Tableau, you may move whole and partial columns of cards onto other columns. For example, if you have a short column of red 5-black 4-red 3, you may move all of the cards in a single play onto an available black 6.
3) Sometimes, it is helpful to move cards back and forth between the Tableau and Foundation. For example, moving a black 4 up to the Foundation may help you by revealing a new card in the Tableau, but you may later need to move it back to Tableau to accommodate a red 3 that needs a “home.”
4) The Undo button can be a lifesaver!
5) Not all Solitaire decks are winnable. If you get to point where you have no more legal moves, you can a) backtrack with the Undo button to try and find a new solution or b) deal a new deck.

That’s it! Have fun and BEAT THE DECK!

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