Pocket Forest: Animal Camp

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Game by FGL Indie Showcase

Tap and slide to merge tiles!An adventure filled with forest friends awaits! Swipe left, right, up, and down to move rows and columns. Combine groups of resources of 3 or more. TAP to upgrade resources in a tile combining style! Groups of 3 tiles will merge and become 1 tile on the next level. Continually upgrade your resources and watch your forest family THRIVE! Match and merge more than 3 tiles for a higher score.

Each level has three super cute resources. Green tiles will transform into luscious into trees that will eventually grow into mature forests. Blue tiles will condensate into water droplets that hydrates the soils, plants, and animals of the forest! Brown tiles will birth Kits (baby foxes) that will eventually start a the cutest fox family you have ever seen! Keep your eye on the number of moves left each round to develop the best foresting strategy. Newly merged tiles can be further combined in sets of 3 to continue to mature the landscape.

Unlock mystery eggs to collect furry forest friends! There are tons of cute animals to collect and build the biodiversity in your forest. Will you unlock a cute hedgehog or friendly fox next? There are tons of amazing cute animal friends to win.

Get started on building a growing strategy for your Animal Adventure Camp in the forest of furry friends!

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