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Game by Raincrow

Savannah Grey is calling on a new generation of witches!

Covens is a game of magic and witchcraft played in the real world. Join seasonal tournaments of witchcraft as a customizable witch. Play solo or join with friends to create a powerful coven.

Game Features

Discover a real-world game board filled with player-witches, spirits both good and wicked, Places of Power and rare items as you compete in seasonal tournaments of witchcraft.

Customize your witch with outfits, makeup, hairstyles and hundreds of cosmetics to create a unique look.

Cast common spells from your Book of Shadows or learn the signature ingredients that give a common spell extraordinary results; the wrong ingredients and you might turn a coven-mate into a goat.

Choose your path carefully: align yourself with White, Grey or Shadow witchcraft or learn every path to become a Master Witch.

Build a coven of 13 players or a hive of hundreds. Chat worldwide, within your coven, or shout to nearby players.

Discover hundreds of spirits around the world. Defeat these spirits in battle and they become part of your Spirit Deck; once collected you can summon these spirits anywhere in the world.

Claim real-world Places of Power and earn rewards for yourself or your coven. Summon up to three spirits to defend your Place of Power, or enter the altar yourself to cast out trespassing witches.

An immersive, original storyline drives Covens. Accept your daily blessing of energy from Savannah Grey, the ruling witch of the ancient Grey Hand coven.

All original art and sound score. Enjoy the free soundtrack of Covens here:

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